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Maui Surf Report for May 27th, 2010

Surprise. Yet another day of flat surf conditions here on Maui and around the Hawaiian islands. Although there is a little energy heading toward both our northwest and south facing shores, nothing significant is expected through the forecast period. A tiny northwest swell may appear Saturday morning into Sunday and a small to possibly moderate south-southeast swell may arrive Saturday or Sunday with only tiny background swell expected before. The only real source of surf today will be weak windswell out of the east at 1-4 foot, not quite enough to wrap to any other shores. North and northwest facing shores should be flat at only 0-2 foot and Upper West shores even closer to flat but also 0-2 foot. Tiny background swell along our south facing shores may reach into the 0-3 foot but should be expected to be flat. Extended Surf Forecast Our south facing shores may be picking up a little bump out of the south-southwest but most breaks will stay flat, specifically those that are blocked by Kaho`olawe. This pattern should continue through the day Friday as well. A low pressure system developed south of French Polynesia early in the week that appeared to have occluded, or stopped its forward motion for almost 2 full days before tracking off to the east. A fetch was aimed toward Hawai`i out of the south-southeast that should result in a small ...

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Maui Surf Report for May 26th, 2010

The overall flat conditions will continue today although there may be some tiny windswell at some areas, but it is doubtful that it will be rideable. Select east and east-northeast facing shores may pick up some weak tradeswell around 2-4 foot at best, probably not enough to wrap to any other areas. There are no other swells to mention on any shore today, so good luck surfing today. North and northwest facing shores will be flat at only 0-2 foot. Upper West shores will be even closer to the flat side at 0-2 foot. Even our south facing shores will be flat at only 0-2 foot as even the background swell fades to nothing. All-in-all today is a bad day to surf. Extended Surf Forecast The South Pacific has been fairly active recently, but most of the swell energy has been poorly aimed in our direction. We have another chance for a small to moderate south-southeast swell arriving over the weekend however, but sets will likely top out under head-high levels. Yet another minor south to south-southeast swell may arrive around Tuesday of next week as well. The main southern storm track remain zonal, flowing west to east under New Zealand and is not expected to change through most of the forecast period. The long-range models are hinting toward a better aligned storm track around the middle of next week, but it's ...

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