3-5 foot
0-2 foot
0-3 foot
1-4 foot

Surf along north facing shores will remain up through the weekend due to overlapping north and northwest swells from recent sources across the northern Pacific earlier in the week. The latest Waimea buoy observations reflected a mix of small sources out of the north- northeast, north, northwest and west-northwest. The long-period northwest (310 deg) swell will be the source that holds over the weekend (overall downward trend). Surf associated with this swell will remain well below advisory level each day through the weekend.

The latest surface analysis showed a gale developing near the Date Line around 40N (around 1500 nm northwest of Hawaii) along a frontal boundary extending from east to west across the northern Pacific. Guidance shows this feature quickly tracking eastward to a position north of the state by Sunday. Strong northerly winds focused toward the islands between this feature and 1026 mb high pressure to its west will be enough to generate a small northerly (340-010 deg) swell that should reach the waters Tuesday, then hold through midweek before slowly trending down through the second half of the week. Surf associated with this source will remain small along north facing shores.

Surf along east facing shores will trend down over the weekend as the trades relax locally and upstream of the state.

Surf along south facing shores will remain small through the weekend into early next week. The latest buoy observations reflect peak energy out of the southeast direction, which will likely hold over the next several days. A small to moderate southwest (220 deg) swell that was generated in the Tasman Sea should fill in around the midweek time frame and lead to a slight increase in surf through the second half of the upcoming week along south facing shores.

Trades are forecast to weaken over the weekend as a cold front approaches the region from the northwest. This will allow land and sea breezes to setup by Sunday afternoon and continue through early next week near coastal locations.

For the extended, the latest surface analysis across the southern Pacific showed gales out of the southwest across the Tasman Sea associated with a 976 mb low centered over the south New Zealand. WAVEWATCH III and ECMWF-Wave solutions remain in decent agreement and depict seas across the Tasman Sea up to around 30 ft. A recent Cryosat altimeter pass reflected this and showed peak seas up to 28 ft. This energy should fill in across the local waters late next week/weekend out of 220 deg and translate to rising surf along south facing shores.

Hawaii Wave Height Model

Hawaii Swell Period Model
Hawaii Swell Height Model

Tide Predictions

High tide at Kahului was 2.1 foot at 4:20 AM early this morning, dropping to a low of 0.6 foot at 10:13 AM this morning, then rising to a high of 2.1 foot at 4:10 PM late this afternoon, before once again dropping to a low of 0.2 foot at 10:39 PM late this evening

The sunrise was at 06:10 am this morning and will set at 06:34 pm this evening. The Moon is currently 18 days old, and is in a Waning Gibbous phase. The next Last Quarter will occur at 6:26 AM on Wednesday, September 13th.

Hawaii Wind Report

Maui Weather

Wind: n/a at 0 mph
current observations as of 9am November 21st, 2018

Weather Outlook for Saturday

As a high pressure ridge to the north edges closer to the islands through the rest of the weekend, expect trade winds to weaken, with land and sea breezes becoming more prominent during the start of the new work week. Light background easterly winds will still bring clouds and showers to windward areas at times, with more afternoon clouds and showers over the interior and lee areas of the islands mainly from Sunday through much of next week.

Trade wind weather continues across the islands this evening, with low clouds and showers carried by winds affecting mainly windward and mountain areas. An area of moisture reached Big Island and Maui earlier Friday afternoon is spreading to Oahu this evening and will eventually to Kauai late tonight into early Saturday. Expect more passing clouds and showers to affect mainly windward and mountain areas of the islands through rest of the evening into early Saturday morning.

A frontal system currently far north-northwest of the state is expected to slowly sag southeast through the next few days, then weakens and lingers north of the islands by early part of next week. As such, it will push a high pressure ridge current north of the area closer to the state. This will result in the slow easing of the trade winds over the islands. Winds are expected to become light enough by Sunday that land and sea breezes will be the main wind feature for the state. Forecast guidance indicates background synoptic winds will stay easterly enough such that emissions from the Big Island will remain south of the smaller islands. Furthermore, guidance also indicate more moisture from the southeast may spread across much of the state over the rest of the weekend into early next week, bringing a muggier sensible weather with more showers. Low clouds and showers embedded in the light easterly synoptic winds will affect windward areas at times, while clouds will develop over the interior sections of the islands during daytime under the sea breezes, with afternoon and evening showers expected. Brief localized heavier showers are possible with the increased moisture.

Latest model solutions now hint stronger trade winds may not return to the islands until late next week. Looks like the light winds and somewhat muggy weather may prevail through much of next week.

Central Valley (Kahului, Spreckelsville):

Mostly clear. Lows 67 to 73. East winds around 10 mph in the evening becoming light. Gusts up to 25 mph.

Leeward West (Lahaina, Ka`anapali):

Mostly clear. Lows 69 to 76. East winds around 10 mph in the evening becoming light, then becoming northeast up to 10 mph early in the morning.

Windward West (Wailuku, Waiehu):

Mostly clear. Lows 63 to 75. East winds 10 to 15 mph in the evening becoming light, then becoming northeast around 10 mph early in the morning.

Windard Haleakala (Hana, Haiku, Makawao):

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Lows around 72 at the shore to around 55 at 5000 feet. East winds up to 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the evening. Chance of rain 50 percent.

Leeward Haleakala (Kihei, Wailea, Makena):

Mostly clear. Lows around 71 at the shore to 54 to 61 upcountry. East winds up to 10 mph.

Haleakala Summit

Mostly clear. Isolated showers in the evening. Lows around 47 at the visitor center to around 44 at the summit. East winds around 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Photo of the Day

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