The Flatness continues. Aside from the tiny to small windswell out of the east-northeast, there will be no surf along any shore today as the long and frustrating flat spell goes on. Some east and east-northeast facing shores may see a tiny and weak windswell around the lower end of 1-3 foot but don’t expect much. Our south facing shores will stay flat at only 0-2 foot with nothing more than a tiny background ripple here or there. North and northwest facing shores will also stay flat of course at only 0-2 foot. There is a very slight chance that we could see a small bump out of the south-southwest tomorrow, but whatever does appear would probably not be worth the effort. There is also a chance for some north-northeast swell arriving Sunday or Monday, so at least there is some hope on the horizon.

0-2 foot
0-2 foot
0-2 foot
1-3 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
A low southeast of New Zealand tracked zonally from west to east sending up more of a background swell last Tuesday and Wednesday, potentially resulting in a small south-southwest swell arriving Thursday. If any of this energy does reach our shores, it will be well under head-high levels, so don’t get excited about it. A much better storm pushed into the Tasman Sea last Friday, and it aimed severe gales nicely toward Hawai`i. Unfortunately, this swell window is heavily shadowed and Maui rarely sees any action from this direction. If we are lucky, we could see a small to low-end moderate southwest bump arriving around Saturday, but it is unlikely here on Maui. Activity far south of Tahiti last weekend may provide us with another south-southeasterly pulse arriving Monday or Tuesday of next week as well. The models do show a little better forecast, but still nothing remotely significant is appearing on the charts. Worst. Summer. Ever.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
The models have been hinting toward a north-northeasterly swell developing tomorrow, but it doesn’t look very promising now. However, a dip of the jetstream is forecast later in the week and into the weekend that may be able to aim some energy toward our wave-starved shores. If all goes well, we could see a series of tiny to small northwest to north-northwest pulses beginning around Tuesday of next week. The odds are low, so don’t expect anything.

Pray for surf…

Wind and Tide Information

Maui Tide Report for September 1st, 2010
The Maui Wind Report for today is:Light tradewinds will continue today around 8-12 mph varying out of the east to east-northeast, gusting slightly higher in some locations. The winds should fade further into Thursday but will slowly rebound to more moderate levels over the weekend.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: Low tide at Kahului was 0.3 foot at 12:12am late last evening, rising to a high of 1.9 foot at 9:56am later in the morning hours, then a long slow fade through the rest of the day to a low of 0.3 foot at 1:42am Thursday morning.

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Maui Weather

The tradewinds continue to fade toward light levels today and are forecast to return over the weekend. The weakening winds are due to an upper-level trough eroding the surface ridge that has been over the islands for a while now. Leeward showers are a little more likely to develop in the afternoon hours today but shouldn’t be expected and will be light if anything does develop. Some interesting possibilities are appearing in the forecast, specifically late in the weekend, but it is too early to discuss. Stay tuned for details.

East Pacific Hurricane Outlook

There are currently no tropical storms in the tropical eastern North Pacific. However, chances are quite high that an established low pressure area southwest of Manzanillo Mexico may develop further into a tropical system within the next 48 hours. So far, thunderstorms and showers have been relatively minor but the low is forecast to track northwest into an area of favorable conditions. This system will be monitored but poses no threat to Hawai`i.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - September 1st, 2010