The overall flat conditions will continue today although there may be some tiny windswell at some areas, but it is doubtful that it will be rideable. Select east and east-northeast facing shores may pick up some weak tradeswell around 2-4 foot at best, probably not enough to wrap to any other areas. There are no other swells to mention on any shore today, so good luck surfing today. North and northwest facing shores will be flat at only 0-2 foot. Upper West shores will be even closer to the flat side at 0-2 foot. Even our south facing shores will be flat at only 0-2 foot as even the background swell fades to nothing. All-in-all today is a bad day to surf.

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
The South Pacific has been fairly active recently, but most of the swell energy has been poorly aimed in our direction. We have another chance for a small to moderate south-southeast swell arriving over the weekend however, but sets will likely top out under head-high levels. Yet another minor south to south-southeast swell may arrive around Tuesday of next week as well. The main southern storm track remain zonal, flowing west to east under New Zealand and is not expected to change through most of the forecast period. The long-range models are hinting toward a better aligned storm track around the middle of next week, but it’s too early to know for sure. Check back for further developments.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
A weak low far to the northwest of the state has been aiming what little swell it has managed to produce toward the Aleutian Islands as it has been poorly aimed toward Hawai`i. However, its track has shifted and a stronger core is developing that is expected to take aim toward our islands over the next couple of days. If all goes well, we could see a tiny to low-end small northwest swell arriving around Saturday, potentially followed by a slightly higher reinforcement Sunday. I think we’ll be lucky to see head-high sets but let’s hope for more. The models are rather quiet later in the forecast period, but there is a hint of a system tracking away from the Philipines later in the weekend that has the potential of creating a west-northwest swell later next week. Stay tuned for details as it develops or fizzles. Pray for surf!

Wind and Tide Information

Maui Tide Report for May 26th, 2010
The moderate easterly tradewinds will continue today but should drop in speed over the next couple days as high pressure weakens and drifts further away. The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 1.3 foot at 12:16am shortly after midnight last evening, dropping to a low of -0.6 foot at 6:51am early this morning, rising again to a high of 2.6 foot at 2:19pm mid-afternoon before fading once more to a low of 0.8 foot at 8:50pm later this evening.

Maui Weather

Typical light tradeshowers will stay over on the windward and mauka areas today with very little rainfall expected anywhere as we are under a rather dry atmosphere. High pressure far to the north-northeast of Hawai`i is weakening and moving toward the southeast, relaxing the pressure gradient and resulting winds. Sea breezes should set up later in the day which may trigger isolated showers and afternoon clouds. A weak upper-level trough over the Big Island may stick around for several more days and could provide enhanced tradeshowers later in the week. A northwest approaching cold front is expected to stay far to the northwest of Kaua`i but it is displacing a high pressure ridge just a few hundred miles to the north of the state. As its associated high drifts to the south the winds will weaken and we may even see building vog over the end of the week. The winds should strengthen to moderate to fresh levels over the weekend and early next week and we should then see a return of a more typical weather pattern after the weekend.

May 26th, 2010 Photo of the Day

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