0-4 foot
0-2 foot
1-3 am | 3-5 pm
2-4 foot

Primary sources of surf will be a pair of long-period south-southwest swells over the next several days, one this weekend for sub-advisory level surf along south facing shores, and a larger south-southwest swell Monday night through midweek, expected to produce advisory-level surf. A small to moderate, relatively short-period north-northwest swell is expected late this weekend and early next week. Buoy observations from south of the islands Friday evening indicate increasing long-period energy that should result in increasing surf along south facing shores Saturday. King tides and associated above normal water levels/tides are expected again toward the end of next week, with impacts similar to those seen over the last 2 months. Highest tides are expected Friday. A continuation of light to moderate trade winds is expected through the weekend as a ridge north of the area is suppressed to the southeast by an approaching front, with winds lighter over the western end of the island chain. As the front stalls just north of the islands Sunday and dissipates early next week, the ridge will move north and strengthen, leading to an increasing trade wind flow. Additionally, a strong ridge aloft will build over the area from the east, the low aloft will move west-northwest, and a very stable weather regime will spread from east to west over the area through the weekend.

Hawaii Wave Height Model

Hawaii Swell Period Model
Hawaii Swell Height Model

Tide Predictions

Low tide at Kahului was 0.5 foot at 3:28 AM late last night, rising to a high of 1.1 foot at 9:37 AM this morning, then dropping to a low of 0.9 foot at 1:50 PM early this afternoon, before once again rising to a high of 1.8 foot at 8:41 PM early this evening

The sunrise was at 05:43 am this morning and will set at 07:10 pm this evening. The Moon is currently 22 days old, and is in a Last Quarter phase. The next Waning Crescent will occur at 2:32 AM on Saturday, June 24th.

Hawaii Wind Report

Maui Weather

Wind: n/a at 0 mph
current observations as of 10am November 21st, 2018

Weather Outlook for Saturday

A drier and more stable air mass will continue to spread westward across the island chain through early Saturday morning. A surface ridge north of Kauai will continue to move south tonight, and cause the trade winds to weaken further, resulting in local sea breezes Saturday afternoon. Stronger trades eventually return Sunday, and will persist into early next week.

The western end of a surface ridge extends to a point about 285 miles north of Lihue early this evening. The ridge is being pushed southward by a front located far northwest of the islands. The relatively close proximity of this feature to the islands is keeping the local winds lighter over the western end of the island chain, while moderate trade winds continue elsewhere across the state. The light winds near Kauai and Oahu may allow local drainage winds to develop tonight.

Middle and upper tropospheric lows remain nearly stationary about 200 miles south-southwest of Lihue. The air mass continues to stabilize across the islands. The early afternoon sounding from Hilo showed the low level inversion was near 7500 feet with precipitable water (PW) near 1.24 inches. At Lihue the inversion was around 6500 feet and the PW was 1.29 inches.

A large area of layered clouds remains across the Big Island and most of Maui County. This area appears to be part of the eastern circulation of these lows aloft. Radar reflectivity data appear to show some very light precipitation possibly falling out of some of the middle tropospheric clouds on the Big Island, but there may not be anything more than a few sprinkles reaching the surface. Relative humidity values even on the summits remain well below 30%, so there does not appear to be any significant weather at the higher elevations at this time. Trade showers will continue over windward sides of the central and eastern islands

The forecast models indicate the front will stall about 400 miles north of Kauai late Saturday night. This feature will then gradually dissipate through Monday. In the meantime, expect moderate trade winds to persist over the central and eastern islands, while lighter background flow will remain over the western end of the state. Therefore, local sea breezes may develop over leeward and interior sections of Kauai and Oahu Saturday afternoon. This may allow clouds and isolated showers over parts of the western islands Saturday afternoon. Once the front stalls and dissipates later this weekend, the trade winds will strengthen. These locally breezy trades will likely persist through Tuesday.

The lows aloft will begin to move slowly will slowly westward Saturday or Saturday night. This will allow the atmosphere to become more stable this weekend. The current forecast keeps the layered clouds over the eastern islands through Saturday. This cloud cover may remain dense enough to inhibit the showers over the leeward Big Island Saturday afternoon. The trades will continue to spread showers over the windward sides of some of the islands through early next week.

An upper level trough is forecast to move to a position far northwest of Kauai next Wednesday. This may result in a weakening of the trade winds across the state around mid-week.

Central Valley (Kahului, Spreckelsville):

Partly sunny. Breezy. Isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs around 87. North winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Leeward West (Lahaina, Ka`anapali):

Mostly sunny in the morning then becoming partly sunny. Isolated showers. Highs 81 to 86. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Windward West (Wailuku, Waiehu):

Partly sunny with scattered showers. Highs 71 to 84. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

Windard Haleakala (Hana, Haiku, Makawao):

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs around 81 at the shore to around 69 at 5000 feet. East winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent.

Leeward Haleakala (Kihei, Wailea, Makena):

Partly sunny. Isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs around 88 at the shore to 70 to 76 upcountry. North winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Haleakala Summit

Partly sunny. Breezy. Scattered showers in the morning, then isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs 61 to 74. East winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.

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