We may get lucky enough to see a tiny to small episode arriving out of the south-southeast today but wave heights won’t be very impressive. This energy would be an edge-pass due to angular spreading and would offer surf along our south facing shores around 0-3 foot, although some of the better breaks could see a few slightly larger sets from time to time. The east-northeasterly windswell should stay rather small at only 1-3 foot and is on a downward trend to very tiny levels through at least mid-week. There is no swell whatsoever along our north and northwest facing shores at only 0-2 foot and even the windswell probably won’t add much. The next few days will be nearly flat, so try to find something to keep from going insane from a lack of surf!

0-2 foot
0-2 foot
0-3 foot
1-3 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
The minor south-southeasterly edge-pass, if it even reaches our islands, should stick around for a couple of days but it certainly won’t amount to much. It was generated by an area of low pressure that strengthened into a broad fetch aimed toward the Americas over several days. Tahiti and her sisters blocked anything that was aimed in our direction, but as the swell propagated toward Central America, some energy spread at much lower levels. Hawai`i is just on the edge of that energy. There were no other sources for southerly swell over the past week, so prepare for a flat to tiny spell over the next week. The southern jet stream has taken a more-or-less zonal flow, guiding any potential swell-producers to the east. Our favored swell window in the area just southeast of New Zealand should maintain a minor fetch aimed toward Hawai`i through much of the forecast period which should guide up some background swell at slightly higher than usual levels. The resulting energy should peak off-and-on at small levels beginning around the end of next week and into the weekend. There are no significant swells expected through the period.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
And nothing is expected out of the North Pacific for quite some time either, but the models are showing some potential brewing around the beginning of next week. A low developing southeast of Japan today and through the weekend is forecast to broaden while tracking east-northeast toward the Aleutian Islands. Much can change over the next few days, but if all goes well, we could see a fun-sized west-northwest to northwest episode arriving around next Saturday. The odds are still quite low, so please don’t bet on this yet. The weakening tradewinds will keep the windswell on the low end through much of next week. The models show a fetch developing off the coast of northern California aimed just to the southeast of Hawai`i from Sunday through around Tuesday which could potential send a little energy toward our east-northeast facing shores, but we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out.

Pray for surf…

Wind and Tide Information

Maui Tide Report for July 1st, 2010
The Maui Wind Report for today is: Moderate easterly tradewinds around 12-16 mph are expected to slowly fade over the next few days reaching light to moderate levels around mid-week.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: Low tide at Kahului was 0.5 foot at 1:20am late last evening, rising to a high of 1.2 foot at 7:34am this morning, fading again to a low of 1.0 foot at 11:42am late this morning before rising once more to a high of 1.8 foot at 6:19pm early this evening.

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Maui Weather

The weakening tradewinds should still continue to flow around moderate speeds due to a ridge of high pressure far to the north of the islands. These trades should keep light and scattered showers blowing over our windward and mauka areas under a slightly wetter atmosphere. The daytime hours should see plenty sunshine with the majority of any shower activity occurring overnight. The tradewinds are expected to drop in speed after the weekend but will not fade completely.

East Pacific Hurricane Outlook

There are no tropical storms currently developing and none are expected to develop within the next 48 hours.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - July 3rd, 2010