The south-southwest swell will continue to fade today but should still offer up some surf in the 1-4 foot range, potentially higher at the best breaks. The weak windswell combined with a tiny northeasterly bump may offer some very small surf along some of our north and northeast facing shores around 1-3 foot but don’t get your hopes up. Our east facing shores will probably only come in around 1-4 foot as well. The series of small south swells will continue through the weekend, fading through today and early Saturday, but a new south swell is anticipated for a Saturday arrival. This energy should peak at moderate levels, but some breaks could see larger sets. Details in the forecast.

1-3 foot
0-3 foot
1-4 foot
1-4 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
The area stretching from Tasmanina to southeast of New Zealand was quite active last week, which should keep our south facing shores from going flat through the beginning of next week. Wave heights should peak at moderate heights, but some areas may see slightly larger sets from time to time. The next in the series is expected to arrive later Saturday out of the south and should last for several days. Although there looks like a couple of weak fetches will set up in the Tasman Sea, nothing is strong enough to reach our shores. The South Pacific is then expected to take on a zonal west to east pattern without sending very much energy in our direction. Here comes another flat spell.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
An area of strong high pressure off the mainland coast developed a nice fetch under fresh winds aimed toward Hawai`i over the past several days and continues today. The resulting swell should keep some action going along our northeast and east facing shores through at least the next few days, just under moderate levels. No other source of northern surf can be found in the North Pacific, so don’t expect much action in the near future. However, increasing tradewinds may be able to boost the windswell a notch or so over the weekend, possibly reaching moderate levels around Sunday.

Pray for surf…

Wind and Tide Information

Maui Tide Report for July 16th, 2010
The Maui Wind Report for today is: The east-northeasterly tradewinds will begin to slowly rise over the weekend to reach moderate levels, today around 10-15 mph and only slightly higher Saturday.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: Low tide at Kahului was 0.3 foot at 12:12am late last night, rising to a high of 1.5 foot at 6:05am early this morning, fading again to a low of 0.7 foot at 11:22am late in the morning hours, then rising again to a high of 2.1 foot at 5:50pm early in the evening.

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Maui Weather

Latest forecast discussion. Sorry, no update today.

East Pacific Hurricane Outlook

Sorry, no update today. Here are details about the weakening former Tropical Depression Six-E, which has no become just a remnant low. There are no other areas of interest.

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