The National Weather Service has issued a High Surf Warning for Maui’s north facing shores, effective through 6pm this evening. While Kaua`i and O`ahu see surf well over 18 foot faces, Maui should see surf in the 10-15+ foot range along our outer reefs and better exposed breaks. The more protected breaks should still see surf well overhead. Upper West shores should pick up some action in the 4-7+ foot range at the better locations, and some spots could see much larger sets if you know where to look. Our south facing shores may see the beginnings of a small south swell around 0-4 foot later in the day, but don’t expect much. Windswell along our east facing shores may be in the 1-4 foot range, but some breaks exposed to northwest wrap may see some larger sets. The current northwest swell will slowly drop over the next few days and a smaller, more northerly swell is expected around Saturday but it will probably be quite rough.

10-15+ foot
4-7+ foot
0-4 foot
1-4 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
Forecast for February 6th-8th
Another low pressure system developed just west of the dateline, tracking east. This low is deepening northwest of Kaua`i and is expected to push a sizable swell toward our islands over the next couple of days. The first part of this swell should reach Hawaiian shores mid-day Monday and Maui in the afternoon, rapidly rising overnight as a secondary and larger swell train arrives. Unfortunately, the close proximity of the source low and its fetch will most likely result in rough conditions and a mixture of long and short period surf. Do what you can to surf this swell though, as there isn’t much happening through the rest of the forecast period. A low is modeled to develop over the dateline around Thursday, but its windfield will be aimed in the wrong direction to generate any surf for Hawai`i.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
The south hemisphere won’t offer anything either of course, although some energy may push up into the Tasman Sea over the next several days. Whatever energy does get sent toward Hawai`i will be blocked by all of the south seas islands and whatever makes it past that gauntlet will be blocked by Kaho`olawe. There is no other hope throughout the forecast period.

Pray for surf…

Wind and Tide Information

The Maui Wind Report for today is: easterly tradewinds should be in the 10-15 mph range today with stronger gusts in some areas. The winds should fade Wednesday into Thursday as another cold front approaches the islands, strengthening again Friday into the weekend.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 1.8 foot at 4:35am early this morning, dropping to a low of 0.2 foot at 11:23am just before noon, then rising through the afternoon to a high of 1.5 foot at 6:00pm before dropping once again to a low of 1.0 foot at 11:03pm later in the evening.

Maui Weather

The Maui weather forecast is: partly cloudy conditions over the islands with scattered windward and mauka showers likely and isolated showers possible over some leeward areas. High temperatures should be in the 77-82° range under easterly winds around 15 mph. The shower activity is due to a dissipating cold front over Hawai`i, but most of this moisture will be focused over Kaua`i. Another cold front is expected to approach the state over the next several days but it may not actually reach the islands until the weekend. The winds should shift to southeasterlies Wednesday, becoming more southerly through the end of the work-week.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - February 8th, 2011