The flat to tiny surf conditions will continue today but a combination of a minor west-northwest and increasing energy out of the north-northeast should fill in later in the day into Monday, hopefully reaching head-high levels at the peak. North and northwest facing shores may start off closer to flat but will hopefully see a rise into the 1-4 foot range later today, potentially a little larger at the better breaks. Upper West shores will also stay near flat at only 0-3 foot but should see a rise later in the day. Windswell along our east facing shores will stay tiny at only 1-3 foot but will rise later in the day as the north-northeast swell arrives, possibly reaching overhead levels Monday. South facing shores have no swell to mention and will stay flat at only 0-2 foot.

1-4 foot
0-3 foot
0-2 foot
1-3 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
Forecast for February 27th-29th
Although we won’t be seeing any great swells any time soon and we have to face the harsh reality that the season has long since peaked, it looks like we should see a few minor swells through the forecast period. Most notable is a low developing in the Gulf of Alaska that will be sending down another round of north-northeast swell arriving Thursday, coinciding with the arrival of another west-northwest to northwest swell. The combo of these two swells may result in poorer conditions but a higher wave count. The other swell is developing far to the west of the state by a low in the western North Pacific, but its primary fetch looks like it will only be aimed well for a brief time before fading and tracking to the east-northeast. If all goes well we should see well overhead sets at the peak. The long-range models show another low forming around mid-week out of the remnants of this system which could generate another more north-northwest to northerly swell arriving Saturday, but its too soon for any confidence. The models go on to forecast a broad low developing later in the week stretching from Japan to Kamchatka that could kick up a poorly aimed northwest swell sometime early next week. Keep praying for surf, we need all the help we can get this late in the season.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
The South Pacific is still in no shape to send any energy toward our south shores as the jetstream pushes toward Tasmania and then dips southeast past New Zealand. It’s not that there isn’t any activity going on down under, its just that nothing is directed toward Hawai`i through the forecast period. Although it’s only the end of February, we are steadily getting closer to the time where we start to see some early season south swells forming. But not yet.

Wind and Tide Information

The Maui Wind Report for today is: The gentle variable winds will stay that way today, becoming more northerly later in the day and then more northeasterly overnight and through Monday. Winds speeds should be around 5-10 mph and are expected to slowly increase over the next several days.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 2.1 foot at 12:24am shortly after midnight last night, dropping to a low of 0.7 foot at 7:45am this morning, rising trhough the rest of the morning to a high of 0.9 foot at 11:15am then dropping through the rest of the afternoon to a low of 0.1 ofot at 5:22pm.

Maui Weather

The Maui weather forecast is: mostly sunny conditions with an isolated morning shower possible in som areas, becoming partly cloudy with scattered showers possible this afternoon and evening. High temperateures should be in the 78-83° range under light and variable winds around 10 mph. The light winds will slowly increase over the next several days as a nearby weak area of high pressure builds north of the state. A more typical tradewind pattern should emerge through the week with a brief return of the tradewinds and associated tradeshowers over windward and mauka areas, but the second half of the week is forecast to be wet. The models show a trough and surface low developing far west-northwest of the state over the next few days which could reach near the islands later in the week. It is too early for confidence, but at the moment it is looking like Thursday could see some rain. Stay tuned for updates.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - February 27th 2011