Only minor northwesterly swell is expected today at levels under head-high although some of the better breaks may see an occasionally decent set or two. This energy should become more northerly through the day while weakening into Thursday. Thankfully, there is a decent north-northeast swell expected Monday as well as a possible west-northwest arriving late Sunday. Details can be found below. North and northwest facing shores should come in around 3-5 foot today. Upper West shores probably won’t see much action at only 1-3 foot, give or take a foot. Windswell along our east facing shores should stay around 1-4 foot without much power and is expected to stay at similar levels through the next several days. There is no swell to mention along our south facing shores as flat conditions continue around 0-2 foot. There is some hope in the forecast, but nothing significant is on the horizon.

3-5 foot
1-3 foot
0-2 foot
1-4 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
Forecast for February 23rd-25th
Overall, the North Pacific is still in pretty poor shape, mainly due to a more northerly than usual jetstream. This pattern has resulted in large eddies that have prevented any swell-producing lows from developing. A very strong low near the Kuril Islands tracked primarily toward the northeast into the Bering Sea and only aimed a short fetch toward Hawai`i. The extreme long distance this energy had to travel should greatly diminish any swell that actually reaches our shores later Wednesday into Thursday, but we could see overhead surf at its peak. Looking far to the east, a minor low developed and may contribute a weak east-northeasterly swell arriving Friday, but we shouldn’t expect much. A gale has developed far east-southeast of Japan but its peak winds are not aimed well toward our islands. If we are lucky, a west-northwest swell may get sent our way, reaching Hawai`i later Sunday. Another low developing in the Gulf of Alaska has the potential of sending us a north-northeasterly swell that would also arrive late Sunday into Monday.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
The southern jetstream is not aimed well as far as Hawaiian surf is concerned, and little to no energy is expected out of the South Pacific through the forecast period. The only potential is from a low passing under New Zealand this Friday, but it looks like it won’t have much of a chance to aim anything toward the northern hemisphere. The overall flow will keep anything from even hinting toward southerly swell through the rest of the month.

Wind and Tide Information

The Maui Wind Report for today is: The winds will drop again while becoming east-southeasterly today at speeds around 5-15 mph, dropping throughout the day and becoming gentle and variable over the next several days.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 1.5 foot at 4:45am early this morning, dropping to a low of -0.1 foot at 11:56am just before noon, then rising through the day to a high of 1.7 foot at 7:51pm later this evening. Thursday’s moon phase will reach Last Quarter.

Maui Weather

The Maui weather forecast is: mostly cloudy conditions across the state with isolated morning showers becoming scattered with isolated thunderstorms possible in the afternoon, but more likely over Kaua`i. High temperatures should be around 77-82° with light and decreasing variable winds around 5-15 mph. The threat for heavy showers and thunderstorms will continue today as a trough several hundred miles northwest of Kaua`i tracks to the southeast. Although most of the rainfall should develop over the western half of the state, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the summits of the Big Island as well as a Flash Flood Watch for all Hawaiian islands. The unsettled weather will stick around ofr a few days.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - February 23rd 2011