Hau`oli Lâ o Lono-i-ke-aweawe-aloha! Happy day of love… share a wave today. The high surf advisory expired at 6am this morning and the surf will be far from those levels here on Maui today. The leftover north-northeasterly swell will continue at head-high levels though, and some larger sets may still be found. Conditions may still be rough though, so don’t expect too much. North facing shores should see surf around 5-8 foot today, occasionally a little bit larger. Upper West shores will stay much smaller, but the better locations may see surf around 2-4 foot or a little better. Our east facing shores exposed to the north-northeast could see surf around 4-7 foot if we’re lucky. This energy will fade through the day and into Tuesday. The next chance for action won’t come until Wednesday when another north to north-northeast swell arrives, followed shortly after by a reinforcement Thursday, with a third and larger northwest swell arriving Friday. Our south shores could also see some small to moderate surf this Wednesday. Details below.

5-8 foot
2-4 foot
0-2 foot
4-7 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
Forecast for February 14th-16th
A broad low north-northeast of Hawai`i is filling much of the Gulf of Alaska and is continuing to send surf toward the south-southeast although most of this energy will miss us to the east. However, energy sent down earlier in its life will reach our shores in a series of two north to north-northeasterly swells beginning overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and followed shortly behind on Thursday, possibly reaching advisory levels but most likely falling just short of the required criteria for an advisory. Looking much further west we can see a low barreling past the Kuril Islands that is now southeast of Kamchatka heading into the Bering Sea. Winds within the southwest flank of this system are taking aim toward Hawai`i and should generate a moderate northwest swell arriving on Hawaiian shores late Thursday into Friday. The combination of these swells will probably result in messy conditions as the longer and shorter wavelengths collide. The models are not in agreement over the long range, but it doesn’t look like too much good surf is on the way later in the forecast period, so get it while it’s here.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
A strong gale pushed a swell into the Tasman Sea last week producing a small south-southwest swell. The odds are quite low for it to actually reach Hawai`i but we may see a little bump appearing on our south facing shores beginning Wednesday and potentially lasting through the rest of the work-week. As always, Kaho`olawe will block the majority of this energy from reaching Maui shores, so we shouldn’t even expect anything. The models do not show any other potential south swells through the forecast period.

Wind and Tide Information

The Maui Wind Report for today is: The mostly easterly winds will stay light and variable around 5-10 mph today but will become more east-southeasterly overnight and through the rest of the week, increasing to moderate levels Tuesday.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 2.3 foot at 12:51am last night, dropping to a low of 0.8 foot at 7:51am this morning, rising a little to a high of 1.0 foot at 11:17am and then dropping once again to a low of -0.3 foot at 5:46pm early this evening.

Maui Weather

The Maui weather forecast is: we should see mostyle sunny conditions with voggy skies today although we may see scattered evening showers tonight, but these showers will probably miss Maui and favor the western half of the state. High temperatures should be in the 77-83° range and should stay similar through mid-week. A developing trough of low pressure west of the state should keep the winds out of the south and southeast through at least the middle of the week, allowing volcanic haze to spread over from the Big Island. This low is not expected to reach the state, but Kaua`i may see increased showers in the second half of the work-week. Despite the southerly flow, little tropical moisture is being pulled toward the islands. The models are not in agreement for the second half of the week but we may see the trough pushing over the state. For the time being, however, we’ll assume that the weather will stay mostly dry through the week.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - February 14th, 2011