Leftover surf from the north-northwest should still be found today along our north and northwest facing shores around 4-6 foot, although some breaks may see larger sets rolling in occasionally. Upper West shores probably won’t see much more than 1-4 foot. A minor south swell should fill in around 1-4 foot today that could stick around for a couple of days but don’t expect too much. East facing shores should stay around 1-3 foot with little windswell to mention. Another overhead north-northwest swell is expected to arrive Friday into the weekend but it will probably be rough and poorly formed. Although we aren’t going to go flat anytime soon, there isn’t much good surf on the horizon.

4-6 foot
1-4 foot
1-4 foot
1-3 foot

Extended Surf Forecast

Pacific Peak Wave Height
Forecast for February 10th-12th
Low pressure developing just north-northwest of Kauai` today is expected to push a strong gale toward our north shores, but the close proximity of the source winds will result in a very rough episode arriving later Friday. But another low pressure system far north of Hawai`i should also provide a longer period swell arriving overnight Friday out of the north-northwest. The combination of these two sources should make things quite interesting and well-overhead through much of the weekend. A Kamchatka storm is tracking toward the northeast into the Bering Sea and will aim very little swell in our direction. We may see a little edge-pass arriving next Tuesday if we’re lucky. The long-range models suggest a strong low developing near the Kuril Islands early next week that has the potential of producing a decent northwest swell for the end of next week, but it’s too early to discuss yet. The building tradewinds over the weekend should bring a rise to the windswell later in the weekend into next week.

Pacific Peak Swell Period
A minor round of south-southwesterly swell may continue over the next couple of days thanks to angular spreading. Another rather deep but small low is forecast to develop far southeast of New Zealand near the remnants of the Ross Ice Shelf, but its peak winds won’t be aimed in our direction. However, we may see a little enhanced background swell from this region arriving around the middle of next week… just don’t count on it. Otherwise, nothing is expected from the southern hemisphere.

Pray for surf…

Wind and Tide Information

The Maui Wind Report for today is: The lighter winds should turn southerly to southwesterly through the day in the 5-10 mph range with gusts over 15 mph in some areas. The winds should increase slightly Friday while swinging more to the west, then dropping again as the direction turns more northerly, then becoming strong east-northeasterlies again around Sunday.

The Maui Tide Report for today is: High tide at Kahului was 1.5 foot at 4:29am early this morning, dropping through the morning to a low of 0.2 foot at 12:39pm shortly after noon, and then rising through the rest of the day to a high of 1.5 foot at 10:31pm later this evening. The moon has reached First Quarter phase today.

Maui Weather

The Maui weather forecast is: Mostly cloudy conditions with a chance of morning showers today becoming more likely in the afternoon hours. High temperatures should be in the 76-81° range under upper-end light to moderate southwesterly winds gusting over 15mph in some areas. Another approaching front has shifted the winds out of the southeast as the front also tracks southeast across the islands. These winds are expected to turn southerly today as the head of the front reaches Kaua`i tonight, passing over Maui later Friday. Increased shower activity should be expected overnight. As the front passes the islands later in the weekend, the winds will turn more easterly and any lingering moisture should get pulled along with the then dissipating front. However, we may see increased shower activity through the weekend and possibly early next week.

Photo of the Day

Surf Photo of the Day - February 10th, 2011