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This web site offers surf predictions to it’s visitors. Please be advised that these are only predictions, and these predictions may be inaccurate at times. Swell forecasting is a very difficult and constantly changing process. Therefore surf heights, estimated arrival times, and swell magnitude may be inaccurate to actual observations. OMaui.com and it’s parent GotAloha.com, cannot be held responsible for injuries or damages from any person entering the ocean.

It is also important for readers to know that I am not a professional forecaster with a bunch of degrees in hydrology or meteorology or whatever they study. I am simply a web designer who happens to really enjoy bodyboarding. I have spent countless hours researching and figuring out how the “pros” make their forecasts.

My passion for bodyboarding drove me to learn how to know when a swell was coming before most other people do. My personal forecasts for friends were usually more accurate than the “professionals”, and soon people relied on me for swell predictions. I decided it wasn’t in the aloha spirit to keep this knowledge to myself, so I created this site simply to help people like you get as much enjoyment on the water as I do, and out of my aloha for others who also enjoy bodyboarding, surfing, bodysurfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, or any other activity that involves waves.

In summary, please don’t try to sue me because you made a trip to Maui specifically because my report said there would be a swell and there wasn’t. Additonally, don’t try to sue me because you paddled out in conditions that you could not handle, and got injured. I have some delusions of grandeur, but I have no power over what the ocean does! Perhaps someday…