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Billabong Pro Women’s Surfing Maui 2006

The 2006 Billabong Pro Maui featuring Layne Beachley, Sofia Mulanovich, Jessi Miley-Dyer, Keala Kennedy, and many more of the best womens surfers in the world.


Tarp Pits – The Birth of Tarp Surfing

Made in April 2010 for www.Korduroy.tv, this short film follows tarp surfing pioneers Dodge Weirath and Wyatt Brady as they explain how they created tarp surfing. Here’s their original video.


Santa Jaws – Maui Christmas 2009

Santa delivers an epic Jaws swell to Billy Kemper, Albee Layer, Marlon Lewis, and Matt Meola on Christmas Day, 2009. Music by Guerrilla Jazz.


Jaws Paddle In Session

Marcio Freire paddles into Jaws lefts. Footage from February 14th, 2008.


Save Lipoa Point

Save Lipoa Point. Footage captured December 2006.


Ho`okipa Free Surf

Free surfing at Ho`okipa Beach Park on Maui, Hawaii.


La Perouse Free Surf

Free surfing south swell at La Perouse, Maui. Shot during the first good swell of the 2008 Spring/Summer season. Surf was 3-5 feet on the Hawaiian Scale. Features Maui rippers Yuri Soledade Ian Gentil Marcio Freire Stephen Figueredo.


The Maalaea Freight Train

September 14, 2005 offered one of the biggest and best waves in 10 years at Ma`alaea Freight Trains. This surf film documents some of the best rides of that epic swell.


Epic Day at Honolua Bay

Pumping surf at Honolua Bay! Watch as two surfers share a fat barrel and both come out dry and stoked. This video is a must see…


A Big Day Surfing Honolua Bay

Barrel after barrel of well overhead waves being surfed by Maui’s finest. This was taken in January 2010.