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Billabong Surf Movie

A surf movie produced by Billabong…


Hawaii Surfing

Surfing around Hawaii.


Cape Town Barrels

Jacques and James get some barrels at a beach break in Cape Town. Go to jamestaylorsurfing.com for more. Music by Jamie Shelly. Album – Description Undefined, song – Chronically Positive.


The 10 Greatest Barrels in Surfing

This is a video of the 10 Biggest and Best barrels in Surfing. It has footage of Spots all round the world, including Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti and Fiji. Some of these are nominated for the Billabong XXL Awards held this year.


Tube of the year 2003

Surfing’s best tuberide of the year, presented by the SurferMag.com Awards 2003. Featuring Garret McNamara’s unbelievable tuberide at Jaws/Peahi.


Tuberiding Barrel

Slow-motion barrel at sunset…


Coming Up World Famous Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters 2008

Check out the Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters 2008 Teaser. Expect for a lot more action…


Kelly Slater Surfing Inside Hawaii HD

Kelly Slater tube riding surfing big waves…360º,surfstyle,freestyle


The Best Barrel Surfing

A collection of the best barrel surf footage in slow motion and using barrel cams collected from YouTube.


Bruce Iron’s Perfect 10 in Quiksilver Eddie Aikau

Bruce Iron’s Perfect 100 in Quiksilver Eddie Aikau held at Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, December 15, 2004. Watch as Bruce survives the critical take-off and takes it right through to a heaving inside shore-break tube ride!


Surfing In Alaska Is Really Cold

Raimana Van Bastolear, Jamie Sterling, Maya Gabeira, and Carlos Burle from the Red Bull Surfing team hit Alaska in search for the perfect wave.


Secret Maui Spot

Outer Island secret spot shot March 14th, 2009. Featuring Wesley Larsen, Kevin Sullivan, Clay Marzo, and Marcio Freire


Firing Windmills and Honolua Bay

Sick surfing at Windmills and Honolua Bay.


Maui Rippers!

Maui rippers free surfing Ho’okipa on December 7th, 2007.


Hookipa Maui Monster Surfing

Killer surf shot at Hookipa.


Laird and Dave on the outer reefs in Maui

Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama surfing on the outer reefs in Maui at a place they call Egypt. Video shot by Sonny Miller in 2001


Kelly Slater – Mind Body Surf: Surf Episode

“Mind Body Surf” is a 10 minute video that delves deep into the psyche of 9x ASP World Champion Kelly Slater playing in its entirety at www.quiksilver.com/ks9. The film features exclusive footage from Kelly’s record breaking 2009 season along with personal insights and archival footage.
Go along for the ride as Kelly takes you through highlights [...]


Legends Surf Contest at Honolua Bay, Maui.

Highlights of the Legends contest at epic Honolua Bay. Surfers include Andy Irons, Sonny Garcia and many others. A helicopter tour over Maui, Kauai and the Big island intro this clip from my film “First Light”. Aerial and surf cinematography by Robb Gardner and Mike Mackey.


Maui Motions Arts presents: Honolua Bay Surfing

Honolua Bay epic surfing in the winter of 1999-2000. Featured surfers include, Andy Irons, Kai Henry, Johhny boy Gomes, Kahea Hart, Sonny Garcia and many others. Shot and Edited by Robb Gardner with music by Banaczech.


Tow in Surfing at Peahi Maui Hawaii

Killer Maui big wave footage shot in 1080/60i 30p at Jaws, December 7th and 8th of 2009.