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Grady Archbold Pro Skimboarding Movie – Exile Skimboards

Skimboarding segment of pro Exile rider Grady Archbold compiled from leftover footage from the making of Bearded, the Exile Team DVD. For more information and videos, including Bearded.


2008 Cabo Clasico UST Skimboard Contest

Coverage of the two day event in Cabo. Event took place in may 2008, it was the first event of the 2008 United Skim Tour season.


skimboarding Teahupoo

Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama surfing on the outer reefs in Maui at a place they call Egypt. Video shot by Sonny Miller in 2001


Pro Skimboarding Maui 4

Another bunch of clips of the boys shredripping at mauis own BIG BEACH MAKENA. Soundtrack primer 55 and NOTHINGFACE